Contemporary Jesuit Hymns: Theological Understanding of Liturgical Music

This is the second session of the "Finding God in All Things" series. Presented by Jesuit Scholastic Mark Aloysius, SJ.

With the call of liturgical reform issuing from Vatican II, Jesuits around the world began writing liturgical music in various modern languages and employed contemporary musical nuances from a whole host of musical styles, including folk and pop music. Of particular influence in the English speaking church have been the liturgical compositions of the 'St Louis Jesuits' whose compositions are sung in churches the world over. 
Liturgical music is properly a theological enterprise, expressing in aesthetic form the faith of the contemporary Church. In this talk we will explore salient theological aspects of Jesuit Liturgical Music.

Time and Place: Friday, 27 April 2012, 7:30pm. CANA - The Catholic Centre. 55 Waterloo Street. Level 2. Singapore 187954.

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