Announcements from the Regional Office

Jesuit Regional Superior of Malaysia-Singapore, Fr. Colin Tan, has missioned Frs. Simon Yong and Sebastian Koh, and Br. Simon Raj to new ministries in the Melaka-Johor Diocese (MJD).

Fr. Simon Yong, SJ will become the Head of the Catechetical Commission of MJD and also the assisting priest at the Church of St. Theresa, Masai.

Fr. Sebastian Koh, SJ will assume the Directorship of the Pastoral Institute of MJD. He will also assist in pastoral and audit work in the diocese.

Br. Simon Raj, SJ has been missioned to become Pastoral Assistant in the Church of St. Elizabeth, Kota Tinggi. He will also be the Pastoral Assistant to the Advisor of the Diocesan Service Team (Charismatic) and the Diocesan Pastoral Secretariat at Majodi Centre.

Let us keep them in our prayers.