Scholastics and Brothers Meeting 2016

by Nalerin Erone, SJ

Winter in Seoul, Korea did not deter 39 Jesuits Scholastics and Brothers in-Formation from 12 Provinces and Regions in JCAP to gather for the 15th Scholastics and Brothers Circle (SBC) meeting from the date of December 19 to 28, 2016. The SBC Meeting that has been held since 1985 have established networks between the Scholastics and Brothers in-Formation throughout JCAP to discuss issues of interest in the world today. This meeting was to discuss about the migration issue with the theme “Understanding Migration: The South Korea Experience Guide by the Ignation Teaching Paradigm.”

This meeting has led the Scholastics and Brothers in-Formation to improve their understanding of Migration in general as well as migration in Asia context. This would be an important formation opportunity for scholastics and brothers- in-formation to be with the struggles of people in migration and be touched by this world reality of people on the move. Beyond the theoretical frameworks, this SBC meeting had endowed with an on the ground experience for the scholastics and brothers to learn from the migrant apostolic communities by engaging live-in with the people migrated to Korea.

This meeting was accompanied by Fr. Bambang Alfred Sipaung, SJ, Regional Director of Jesuit Refugee Service Asia Pacific and Fr. Benny Juliawan, SJ, Secretary for Social Ministry in JCAP. 

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