There is no better wood for feeding the fire of God’s love than the wood of the Cross.


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The Society of Jesus is a Roman Catholic religious order of priests and brothers founded in 1540 by Saint Ignatius of Loyola and his companions.

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About us

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Following a rich tradition in spiritual ministries, the Jesuits in the region run spirituality centres, helping individuals and groups in their spiritual growth and development.


The Jesuits have been administering the Church of St. Ignatius in Singapore, and the Church of St. Francis Xavier in Petaling Jaya, ever since they started in 1961.


While Jesuits do not operate their own schools in the MAS region, Jesuits work as educators and administrators in St Joseph’s Private Secondary School in Kuching.


How do I know God is calling me to be a Jesuit?

The Lord calls each of us differently to different vocations. Therefore, there is no single, straightforward answer to your question. Did you have a profound spiritual experience? Do you feel drawn to the priesthood or religious life? Do you have the longing to do more for God and the Church? Do you question whether your current state of life is for you and believe that there is more to life? These are examples of subtle signs that indicate you may have a calling. However, if you are serious about knowing and doing God’s will, and wish for a more definitive answer, then you should contact us immediately and let us help you in your discernment.



The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) set up the Development Office in its General Curia (headquarters) in Rome in July 2007 with the purpose of updating the way Jesuits raise funds to support the mission of the Society of Jesus. In the Malaysia-Singapore Region of the Society of Jesus (MAS), collaborators and donors have come forward to support the Society of Jesus through their contribution of time and effort, in kind or financial aid, for which the Jesuits thank them for their generosity.

If you wish to support the Society of Jesus, below are the 5 types of Funds, their respective purposes and digital banking information: