Father James F Kearney, SJ

Born: 15 August 1896, USA
Entered: 15 July 1914 (HIB for Campaniae Province – CAMP)
Ordained: 26 August 1928
Final vows: 02 February 1931
Died: 22 June 1967, San Francisco CA, USA – Extremo Orientalis Province (ExOr)

The Malayan Catholic Leader was first published on 5 January 1935 for the parishes in Malaya and Singapore. After World War II, The Malayan Catholic Newsletter began its run on 2 July 1950. The following year, the publication became known as Malayan Catholic News, which was published fortnightly in a black-and-white tabloid format. Father James F Kearney, SJ was its editor from 1951 to 1959.

He first lived with the La Salle Brothers at St Joseph’s Institution (SJI), and later joined the Jesuit community in Kingsmead Hall when it was set up in 1954.

In 1959, Father Kearney went to California where he suffered a slight heart attack and did not return to Singapore.

Book: 50 years of the parish of the Church of St Ignatius, 2012

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